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Environmental Friendly Printing

Every product we can recycle is very valuable to us. That’s why we use environmentally friendly printing and contribute to a better world.
  • Reusing and recycling
  • Conserving energy
  • Waste handling

As Dörter Printing and Packaging, our major priority is to accompany you as your long-term solution partner on your journey with our 66 years of experience and our endless trust in the quality of our products.

Sectors we serve mainly

We are proud to serve our business partners in many different sectors.

Cem Kaan Tayman
General Manager / Ceta Form Ltd.
We consider "Dörter Printing and Packaging" not only as a supplier but as a real solution partner for us. Thanks to their solution-oriented approach, we rely on Dörter Printing and Packaging for printing and packaging in the projects we bid. Dozens of projects that we have carried out together and delivered without errors are proof that this trust is based on justifiable reasons. If you are looking for a real solution partner that you can work for your packaging and printing projects, you are in the right place with Dörter. "
Mustafa Kemal Deveci
Purchasing Manager
Can Textile and Agriculture Ltd.
"The production power of a firm is directly proportional to the power of its suppliers. The more compatible your supplier is with you, the more successful you will be. Dörter Printing and Packaging has further enhanced our strength with its structure in line with this definition of supplier and has always been our strength as a part of the solution, not the problem… We are lucky to have you…”
Burcu Eren
Operational Packaging Purchasing Specialist
Katsan Food Ltd.
"To Dörter Printing and Packaging family, we would like to express our gratitude for your dedication to your customers and for your support under all circumstances. We hope this cooperation will last for many years."
Ecem Denizoğlu
Purchasing Specialist / Kendal Lighting Ltd.
"Dörter Printing and Packaging has been very successful in becoming our solution partner. As Kendal family, we are pleased to work with Dörter Printing and Packaging. We are thankful to their team. The supplied products are very successful in terms of price and performance. We are confident that they will always be a reliable address thanks to on-time delivery and quality product production."
Çağla Sarıyıldız
Purchasing Manager / Mute Socks Ltd.
"Our valuable business partner, Dörter Printing and Packaging, realizes what we dream of with its creative and innovative solutions. We are very happy that we will overachieve together with Dörter Printing and Packaging as they meet the demands of our companies in the most accurate way."
Ceren Metin
General Manager / Brand A Star
"Dörter Printing and Packaging has turned our dreams into reality for our brands. They assessed all our requirements with a strong business partner mindset and delivered the solution with their results-driven approach. They are not only a supplier for us, but a long-term partner whom we can trust."

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