Environmental Friendly Printing

Every product we can recycle is very valuable to us. That’s why we use environmentally friendly printing and contribute to a better world.
  • Reusing and recycling
  • Conserving energy
  • Waste handling

Our commitment is to continuously improve environmental performance, contribute to our operations and society. 

DÖRTER bases its activities on the principles of life cycle, circular economy, sustainable development and continuous improvement. 

Our activities 

  • We will operate our factories and facilities in accordance with laws, regulations and standards. 
  • By applying the best technologies and operating procedures, we will minimize the exposure of our employees and stakeholders to environmental, health and safety risks. 
  • We will increase the use of alternative raw materials and fuels in order to minimize the use of natural resources that cannot be renewed. 
  • By minimizing the formation of hazardous and non-hazardous wastes in our factories and facilities, we will dispose the wastes with safe methods and provide recycling and reuse opportunities.Çevre ile ilgili acil durumlar için riskleri belirleyecek ve bunları azaltacağız. 
  • We will continuously improve the environmental management system and measure our performance. 



  • In order to continuously improve our environmental performance and to make sure that our employees take an active role in environmental protection, we will give them  all trainingnecessary. 


Our Subcontractors and Suppliers 

  • We will demand our subcontractors and suppliers to respect our environmental and occupational health and safety values, and we will provide trainingfor awareness. We will require them to comply with our policies and procedures while working in our factories and facilities. 


Product Management 

  • We will act in line with the sustainable development approach in product development, production, distribution and application stages in order to minimize the negative effects on human health and the environment and to limit the possible waste amount. 


Stakeholder Dialogue 

  • We will regularly inform our stakeholders about the possible environmental impacts of our activities and products, evaluate their requests and be in constant communication. 
  • We will be in an effective cooperation with the authorities in an open dialogue and exchange of information to evaluate the applicability, impact, cost / return balance of laws, regulations and standards.