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Grafik Tasarım

Graphic Design

Creative designs are applied using the right methods and rules

  • Designing the product
  • Controlling the product
  • Preparing to print


The printing of the products is completed after preparing the printing block, the die cut and having the raw material from the warehouse.

  • Preparing the film
  • Printing process using the latest technology
  • Termination processes


The mold copy films of the products are arranged separately for each color and pasted on the transparent foils. These foils are used for the printing blocks.

  • Preparing the block for the film
  • Producing the film
  • Making the last check

Quality Control

In line with the information and directions received from business partners, the are quality control and the packaging of the products are done.

  • Controlling the printing in details
  • Approving the product
  • Transporting the products
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