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    1. website does not necessarily record private information on their computer.

    2. The receipt of names, surnames, e-mails, telephone and address information from visitors is only for communication purposes.

    3. Asking information such as age, occupation and educational status from visitors is only concerned with the keeping of visitor statistics.

    4. Personal information received from visitors is in no way shared with another site, person or organization, rented or sold.

    5. Personal information may only be used for legal proceedings such as responding to prosecution and court orders.

    6. The website may use cookie information (cookies) to identify visitor traffic and to store some information on your computer for security.

    7. The website may advertise Google and other advertising companies. These advertisers can use cookies, you can get IP information about your visit, visit.

    8. You do not have to accept these cookies to visit our site. You may block the use of the cookie by visiting the Google ad and content network privacy policy.

    9. The website does not warrant that personal information will be protected when unlawful interventions are made on the site.

    10. The website reserves the right to make changes and updates on this privacy statement from time to time without prior notice.




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